Fifteen Things About Me

This came from over at Renee's blog(GlowAcademy). :) She wanted to know more about some friends. I think it's cool, makes you really think about yourself. 1. I really enjoy being a child of God! 2. I love being a wife and mom to all my kids. :) 3. My 6 grandkids are awesome and I love being a NaNa also a NeNe.LOL 4. I love sewing. 5. I love drawing(when I'm in the mood). 6. I enjoy reading. 7. I love to do cross-stitch. :) 8. I enjoy cooking and baking, especially baking. 9. I love decorating cakes. 10. I love hanging clothes on the line to dry in the sunshine(but can't where we live now). 11. I absolutely love my bestest friend and we'll be friends till the end! :) 12. I love to sing, just to myself at home....not loud enough for others to hear. 13. I enjoy singing in the choir at church. 14. I love game shows! 15. I enjoy working out and walking. :)