Update on my weight loss effort

I have lost a total of 41 lbs since the first of the year! I know it's not a lot but I am so pleased. I've been praying for help to lose weight for a long time and now I'm going to the gym and working out, riding the bicycle(rode it a mile yesterday in just over 6 mins.) and walking on the treadmill. I still have a little over 100 lbs to lose but I'm happy for now. I will continue with my diet and exercise program and will eventually lose all my excess weight. Please say a prayer for me to continue to lose and not gain.

DH had to go to the hospital Sunday after church. He was in congestive heart failure. The doc gave him a big dose of Lasix and 3 other meds, sent him home and if he got worse I was to bring him back to be admitted. He is doing much better today.

Last week God blessed us with food and gas for the car. We were down to our last pennies and all of a sudden our problems were solved. God is so AWESOME!!!!!

I hope my Best Friend is doing alright. I miss and love her so very much. HUGGS to you if you happen to read this.

We got a good bit of rain this afternoon, we've only had about an inch since April so it was very welcome. We have a better chance of rain tomorrow the weatherman said, I don't mind if it rains all day. I hope you're all safe from the weather and flooding.
God Bless!

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