I'm finally over getting the injection in my spine on Monday.  It's worth the pain that I have for the first two days after getting them for the relief they give me.  I have to go back in two to three weeks for another injection in my neck.  I'm praying it will help me as much as the ones in my back have helped.  I'm having to get the injections for severe arthritis.  I've had both knees replaced and have an artifical disk and metal plate in my neck due to arthritis.

Jerry hasn't been feeling well this week.  He's been sleeping alot again.  He's also been in a lot of pain.  I ask that you will pray for him.  It's been seven weeks since the doctors sent him home to die and that hasn't happened yet.  I'm praying for relief from his pain and suffering and healing for him.  I know that the Great Physician can do anything!

The grandkids are all doing great in school.  Four of them are in school now.  We have one in the 3 yr old kindergarten, one in 4 yr old pre-k, one in kindergarten, and one in first grade.  The other two(boys) aren't old enough for school.  The boys are really growing up quickly and will be in school before we know it.

I guess I had better go now, just wanted to drop in and say hello and tell you about my family.  Everyone please take care, be safe, and cool.  God bless you all!

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