I would like for You to Meet My Bible...

I would like for You to Meet My Bible...

How old is your Bible? This Bible is  4 years old. Women's Study Bible New King James Version, my mom gave me for my birthday in 2008.

Why did you chose this Bible? I had wanted a Study Bible for several years.

Do you highlight/mark passages in your Bible? yes I do

If so, what is your system for marking passages? I highlight each passage that Stands out to me OR I underline it with an ink pen and date it if it's something I really want to remember the date of.

Do you have notebooks to record things?No, but I should I think because I have so many questions.
Where is your favorite spot to read your Bible?My rocker or on the couch.

Are there any special thoughts about your Bible you want to share? It is special because my mom gave it to me and because I have began to understand more and more of God's word as I study it.  I really love my Bible!

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