Help Save Online Christian Parents Forums PLEASE!!!

This is just part of the message I recieved from OCP.

"In April, we'll have a really big decision to make...whether or not to close down Online Christian Parents after 9 years.  Ever since Facebook has become so popular we have lost so many of our members.  It's not just OCP...this is a wide-spread problem among so many small site owners.  More so now than ever before, small sites are shutting down right and left because their membership has disappeared.  Since it's so expensive to run a site of this nature...and takes a great deal of work and dedication from our staff members...we need to face the reality of a possible closure."

Please help keep this wonderful forum open.  It has numerous topics to discuss, games to play, crafts to make, recipes to share and much much more!
Come on over and join us.  I hope to meet you there!  God Bless!!

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