Pumpkin Tip

Since it's getting to be fall, I found this tip and decided to share it with ya'll.

Pumpkin Tip

Cut pumpkin in half. Place in shallow pan.

Bake 350 degrees until tender. Skin peels off  easy.

Made lots of pies using cinnamon/nutmeg and allspice.*(My tip)

Used remaining pumpkin for casseroles, using a squash casserole  recipe.

Family loved it. Thought it was squash casserole.

You can use pumpkin in zucchini recipes, also.

(*I just use Pumpkin Pie Spice from the bottle.)

I found it at from the kitchen Yahoo! group.

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Gramemaw said...

This looks good! I have one sugar pumpkin and another (not sure what it is) squash that is orange and ridged that need cooking up! Thanks.