10 Commandments of the Tongue

1) Thou shalt not gossip. Prov. 18:8 Before any evil story whispered
in the ear is passed on, it should be treated as the housewife treats
apples for a pie ... first peeled, then quartered, and cored, then
what remains liberally sugared.
(2) Thou shalt not use a multitude of empty words. Prov. 10:19. Your
tongue reveals the nature of your thinking and your character. The
divine Master Himself admonishes the children of men to "let your
admonishes be yea, yea, nay, nay, for whatsoever is more than these
cometh of evil."
(3) Thou shalt not boast. Prov. 27:2 A small man makes long, loud
boasting in order to center the spotlight of attention on himself; the
great man works quietly, Silently polishing the beacon that it may
guide the ship safely into the desired haven.
(4) Thou shalt not flatter. Prov. 26:28 Someone has said that
"Flattery is like soft soap; it is 90% lye" - and you can count on the
ratio being just about right. The words of the man or woman who would
flatter you, according to the psalmist, who had a great deal of
experience with that sort of thing, are "softer than oil, yet
withdrawn swords."
(5) Thou shalt not grumble. Phil. 2:14 The prescription for this
malady is to saturate your life with loving kindness. Let it enter
every pore and the process will be absolutely foolproof against the
gnawing frets and worries that are worse than termites, to eat the
soul out of you.
(6) Thou shalt not backbite or slander. Psalm 64:3 The tongue that
backbites or slanders is the weapon that empties churches, pours
streams of bickering humans into divorce courts, fills our jails with
wretched humanity, and lashes men and woman to Satan's kingdom.
(7) Thou shalt not mock or make fun. Job 11:3 Let us learn sympathy
and give our fellows a helping hand instead of mockery, no matter how
peculiar or odd they may be. Remember angels visit the earth in all
kinds of guises.
(8) Thou shalt not lie. Ex. 20:16 The first recorded lie was told in
the garden of Eden. Since then, the practice has spread like a plague
throughout the whole earth. Everyone hates a lying tongue.
(9) Thou shalt not swear. Ex. 20:7 Profanity is the official language
of the devil's kingdom. Have no part in it for it will disqualify you
for heaven.
(10) Thou shalt not argue in anger. Hosea 7:16 Whatever the
provocation is remember that "silence is golden" and that "a soft
answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger" Prov.
-- Author Unknown

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