Chain Maille Earrings

Pink Metal Flower Earrings
The step-by-step photo project to make these stylish pink and black earrings comes to us from an expert in chain maille jewelry, Lauren. The earrings have a bit of 80s chic, which is so hot right now.

  • 28 Black EPDM 18g 3/16” (4.76mm) rubber jump rings
  • 48 Pink Enamel Coated Copper, also known as Artistic Wire, 19g 1/8” (3.18mm) jump rings
  1. Open all 48 pink jump rings.
  2. Take an open pink ring, add 4 black rings, close pink ring. Add another pink ring in the same manner.

    Pink Metal Flower Earrings Step 2
  3. Take an open pink ring and add it to one of the sets of black rings, before closing, add 2 black rings, double the pink ring.

    Pink Metal Flower Earrings Step 3
  4. Using the open pink rings, add 4 more sets of black rings to the center black rings, forming a flower.

    Pink Metal Flower for Earrings
  5. Join 2 petals together using 2 pink rings.

    Pink Metal Flower Earrings Step 5
  6. Continue joining petals together until all the black petals are hooked together.

    Pink Metal Flower Earrings
  7. Add ear wires directly to one of the black petals (L) or add additional pink rings to join the flower to the ear wire (R).

    Pink Metal Flower Earrings Finished

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