Helpful Summer Household Hints

♥ Helpful Summer Household Hints ♥

Hang cheesecloth bags of yarrow, mint & lavender in your cloests & cupboards to repel moths & sweeten the air.♥

Bay leaves & whole cloves keep ants & pests out of cupboards ~ and ants won't cross a chalk line (making he pitcher's mound a perfect picnic place).♥

Feed birds all winter & they will reward you by sticking around & stuffing themselves with your insects all summer.♥

You can buy lady bugs in garden stores & set them free in your garden ~ they eat garden pests & feast especially upon aphids. (They are also good luck, like hummingbirds.)♥

For bee & wasp stings ~ you can rub on summer savory or run for an ice pack, hold it on the spot while you make a little paste from baking soda & water.♥

Light citronella "bug bucket" candles 1 hour before your backyard party.♥ 

Drag your fingernails over a bar of soap before you work in the garden. (Keeps dirt out.)♥

Put a saucer of beer in the garden ~ snails & slugs LOVE beer & will commit suicide by drowning in it.♥

source: The Summer Book by Susan Branch

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