One Month Spending Fast

I know that some are saying that you've got to spend some money during the next month. Well, yes I do, but only on NECESSITIES. I will pay the bills, buy only the needed groceries such as milk, flour, meal and what veggies we may need to pick up and put gas in the car. I will do most of my shopping at Dollar Tree to save money. I will also pay off as many bills as I can in as short a time as possible. I'm going to make two lists one will be a "Wants" list, the other will be a "Needs" list. On the "Needs" list there will be only the bare minimum items that we will be using during the month. On the "Wants" list will be the things we think we deserve, I will continue to try to trim down my "Needs"list as I go along. I'll also clean out our closet and drawers and sell what I can of things that we never wear anymore, that will go into the bank for future use or hopefully savings in the very near future. It’s unrealistic to think that “mistakes” won’t happen so keep going even when they (inevitably) occur so when they do, re-focus, and get back at you. Stick with the spending fast for the entire time-frame you committed yourself to. If you reach your goal of paying off your debt and you happen to do it before your predetermined end date (um, awesome!), then why not keep going? Squirrel away the extra money and prepare yourself for the next step — financial security. Be Proud of Yourself for What You Accomplished — Big or Small When you come to the end of your spending fast, look back on all you were able to do. Being proactive and being willing to take charge of your life and finances is definitely something to be proud of! Throughout the Spending Fast, always be on the look-out for ways to cut the “needs” list down even more, get creative with ways to save money, and be willing to make things yourself in an effort to save. Before you know it, saving will become (unbelievably) more fun than spending and your financial life (and day-to-day life) will be forever changed!

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