Dirty Dishes....And lots of blessings!

I just fell in love with this song "Dirty Dishes" by Scotty McCeery when I heard it!  It is a wonderful song of a mother's thankfulness to God for her family and her love to her husband and children.  Please listen to it carefully and I hope you get the blessing I got from it!  I remember lovingly the slamming doors in the summer time when my four children, a nephew and a niece were out of school and running in and out.  There was always some kind of dirty dishes in the sink or a load of clothes that needed to be washed or some other housework that needed to be done, but most of the time, I was busy with six children and friends.  I loved those days and wouldn't trade them for anything!  I may not have monetary riches but God has richly blessed  me in many other ways!

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