Biblical Submission To Your Husband

What is the dictionary definition of submission?

What is the biblical definition of submission?

Do we have a biblical example ? Yes we do .

What kind of housewife ,homemaker, wife, mommy ,sister ...ect.... we are all comes down to what kind of women we are.

Are you following God's directions for you ?

We submit in different ways all the time.

For some reason in our sin nature we rebel at the thought of  the headship of our husbands.
We want them to do what God has told them to do. If we choose to take headship away from our husbands because of our own need to feel in control we have taken away what it is he has been told to do by God. 

 We live in a society that sees submission as weakness.
We live in a society that says men are unnecessary.
Can you name one TV program that shows the husband as a strong head of his home?
NO? I'm not surprised. They are portrayed as weak,bumbling and stupid. Anytime a man is shown being a man he is portrayed as some sort of neanderthal. 
So I guess it is no wonder women don't submit to their husbands . They can't really be trusted to do whats best for their family. OUCH- 
If after reading the scriptures on God's word about being a submissive wife and you still can't trust him to do the right thing it is time to look into yourself and ask why.

Why can't I submit to my husband?
Can you make a list?
Are these things that you have listed insurmountable obstacles?

Are the things that you have listed failures of your husband?
Are they attitudes and fears within yourself?

You can be a godly and submissive wife even if you do not have a godly husband.

What exactly then am I submitting to right?
You are allowing yourself to put trust in the person you married to have a final say.
That's all. It doesn't mean that you say OK do whatever you want dear and I won't say a word.
You are to willingly submit not blindly obey.
God doesn't want you to follow your husband into sin. 
God knows he gave you an imperfect man. And I am just guessing here but you are probably not the perfect woman. Knowing our imperfection he still told us to submit to our husbands.

Do you have any thoughts on this subject?
I would love to hear your thoughts about this.  You have the pro's of submission to your husband.  It is God's will that women be submissive to their husband's.  If you feel the same let me know, if not, please let me know that too!  I would love to hear your comments!
Blessings, Paula

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