Today I Am Making Some Changes

First of all, I believe I have found a church I will be very happy at,(don't get me wrong, I was happy at our other church, we just didn't have gas money to go each Sunday) I had planned to go yesterday but Satan got in my way, no other way to say it!  I am  planning to go on Wednesday night.  It is a relatively small church for a town the size of ours.  I get nervous around crowds, so I have been looking for a smaller church.  Please pray for me as I begin this journey and that my nerves will calm with crowds that I might be comfortable and friendly.....not coming across as stuck-up or stand offish.  Also pray for my family and our life together.  I pray that God's will is done and that I will give my whole self to Him!  That I will put no one or anything before Him that He will be the one and only leader in my life!  I have been sick and injured a LOT this year, I pray that God will take care of all those problems and make me well again.  I  have never been so sick or injured in my life, I don't believe.  I'm praying that God will be with us financially also, we are having a very hard time right now.  We live on social security disability and no governmental assistance.  I am not asking for governmental assistance, just for prayers.  I know that God will lead us through whatever may come to pass.  Maybe He has brought me to this point so I would let go and let God.  I know that I have been at my lowest point in life the past 3 weeks, but I have been praying and doing a LOT of soul-searching, God has shown me many things, some very ugly things and some very beautiful things.  I am on a mission for HIM now and only HIM!  I am much happier than I have been in so so many years, I feel lighter and free-er than I have  in all my life!  I don't remember ever feeling like this except for the night I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior....then I went off on the wrong path and put Jesus on the back burner so to speak.  I asked God to forgive me several months ago in front of our church, I also gave my testimony to our church about the things I had done(I didn't go into graphic details, too many young children in the congregation).  Oh, I never did drugs, I did, however drink alcohol until I couldn't drink anymore and I smoked cigarettes.  God has taken those vices away from me and I am soooo very thankful for it!

God has made things very clear to me, well, a LOT clearer than they have ever been and I pray that I can be the godly woman He has always wanted me to be!

Next, I am making a meal plan for a month(1st time for me).  Renee gave me some links to look at and I decided I liked two of them best.  Here are the links, you can decide for yourself.  (on this one, scroll down until you see this Want to give monthly meal planning a try?!? Print a free monthly meal planner!  )

I'm certain there are others out there but these are the links that were shared with me.  Please feel free to share your's with me! :)
Blessings, Paula

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