Canning tomatoes

You need a few basics for this
A hot water bath canner
Canning jars, flats and rims

Once you have all your supplies
 gathered. Get a good amount of
 water in your canner and get
it HOT!
Also, put another small pan on
the stove and get the water hot too.
 You want to blanch your tomatoes,
 It helps the skin slip right off. 
One more thing. Get a bowl with
 ice water. After dropping the
 tomatoes one by one in the hot
 water, you want to leave them
only about 30 seconds or so and
then plunge them into ice water.
 This will help them not to cook.
You don't want cooked tomatoes
during this, just the skins to
come off easily. 
Here I have my canner bubbling a
way, ready for the jars.
I have my pot of hot water
ready for blanching.
I have my bowl of ice water
 for cooling.

Take your tomato and cut an
X across the top. This will
help you get a start on the
 peeling of the skin once you
finish blanching. 

Tomatoes go into the hot water,
do only one or two at a time,
unless you have helpers in
the kitchen. 
Once you see the skin starting
 to pull away slightly dip
them out and put into ice bath.
 Like I said, it should only
 take about 30 seconds or so,
 but depending on the temperature
 of your water, it can vary
one way to another. 

Once slightly cooled in the
ice bath you can remove and peel. 

The skin should slide off
easily, core the tomato also
during this time.

After you peel and core the
tomato, cut it into quarters
 and drop into a bowl.

After all your tomatoes are
blanched, peeled, cored and
quartered... it's time to
pack your jars. 
You may have some juice in
the bottom of your bowl.
 Add that to yours jars as well. 
Pack your jars full, but
don't compact them. 

Add a teaspoon of salt to
the top of the jar. 
Now pour HOT water into your
 jars and attach your flat and ring. 

Lower ready jars into your
canner and process for approximately
20 minutes. If you go for TOO
long, you will cook the tomatoes
into nothing. I like a bit of
firmness left in my tomato.
 So I only process long enough
to get a good seal and slightly
cooked tomatoes. 

Once you are finished, put
canned tomatoes on a towel
and leave until they are
completely cooled. 
Usually a good 10 hours.
 During that time, you should
get a seal on your jars.

Now line your shelves with
the bounty. The beautiful red
 ripeness of summer in a jar. 

You CAN can tomatoes! I hope
you enjoy and let me know
once you have canned your own.
I would love to hear from you.


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