Preschool Links

Not long ago, I desperately needed some help for one of my three year old grandsons.  He is a very smart but busy little boy so I wasn't sure what to do until I talked to my dear sister friend, Renee.  Now Renee has homeschooled her son all his life and has done a phenomenal job!  I honestly don't see how she does everything she does.  I mean schooling him, keeping up with all the newest links and books out there and with everything he needs to know for him to graduate among the best in this country!  The most important part is she has taught him about our Lord from day one, this isn't taught in any public school anymore and I would like for my grandchildren to learn about our Lord in their school classes also.  So as I said, I asked Renee for help.  She sent me these links and they are great, I especially like the Rod and Staff activities, they are awesome and my grandson enjoys doing them!  So here they are to share with anyone who may need them whether you are a parent or grandparent, let your little one(s) light shine!

I hope this will help someone out there.  It is never too early to begin teaching our little ones about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for our salvation.  From the time I was able to hold my grandchildren, I sang songs about Jesus and His love for us to them.  I talk about Him now to them and I pray for them and my children all the time.  We(my grandchildren) and I still sing the songs of praise and worship I sang to them when they were born and growing into the toddlers and little people they are today.  It is an awesome feeling to hear them singing songs of worship and praise now!  God bless and thank you Renee!!!

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