Gift Idea: "Cookie Emergency" Postcard

Gift Idea: "Cookie Emergency" Postcard

If you have children attending college out of state (or any other family members or friends removed from your area), and you want to send them a unique gift, here's an idea I have used. I made postcards from the fronts of greeting cards, addressed them to myself, cut out a cookie shape and glued it to the left of my name. On the cookie I wrote:

COOKIE ATTACK! Send at once: (check one)

__peanut butter


Enclose in an envelope and send. I also put a stamp on the postcard, so all the person has to do is check the kind of cookie and drop it in the mailbox.

I actually made a whole sheet of these "cookie" shapes and ran off several copies so I was good to go for a while. Make sure the size of the postcard will fit into a standard sized envelope so you can send it to the giftee.

I found this in Thrifty Fun.

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