Memorial Day

Memorial Day never had a lot of signifigance to me until I grew up and realized what it was all about. I didn't come from a military family, but I did marry into one. I now realize how much these soldiers have suffered and some even gave their lives for our freedom. Only two people have ever died for our freedom, one was Jesus Christ and the other was the American Soldier. My husband served in the Army, my BIL in the Marines, and my FIL in the Navy. I also have two cousins serving in Afghanistan at this moment. I pray for all of our soldiers here and abroad that they may be kept safe and well. I know that God says at the end of time there will be wars and rumors of wars, but I still pray that the wars will end and our soldiers will come home safely. I believe in prayer and the power of prayer, I know God hears my prayers and will answer them in His time. I would just like to honor our soldiers with the respect that they deserve. Any veteran needs to be thanked for their service, soldiers on leave or coming home need to be welcomed as a long lost loved one. Keep them in your prayers and always have a thank you for them. I hope each of you have a blessed and safe Memorial Day and remember our soldiers and veterans.

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Barbara said...

Yes amen Paula, the soldier died for our freedom and Christ died for our soul. Good post dear, stop by my blog and say a litte something, hugs Barbara