Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful for everything I have, it has been given to me by God.  I'm thankful that my "baby" Harlie, my miniature pom, is safe.  He was run over on Tuesday a week ago, he only lost his right eye and yes, I am thankful for that.  I'd rather have him alive than to have him die.  I am thankful that my dear baby son(22yrs) has a job that he enjoys.  I pray that he will stick with it for a long time to come.  I'm also thankful that my oldest dear daughter is doing well since she had her tonsils out.  I am thankful that my youngest dear daughter has found a job and she seems to be liking it.  I am thankful for my oldest dear sons job.  I am thankful for my dear husband feeling a bit better.  I am thankful for all my children's families.  I am thankful for all the blessing and trials that God has given me.  Be blessed!

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