Prayers for my Sons

Heavenly Father, I come unto you as humbly as I know how.  I thank You for each of my sons and I pray for their safety.  I pray that You will convict those that need saving and they will repent and turn their lives over to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  I give You the praise and glory for it all Father and ask it in Jesus name.  I know You can and I pray that they will accept Your gift of salvation!  Father, I pray that all of them will have jobs and take care of their families.  I pray that You will take away the violence and the alcohol from their lives.  I thank You Lord for the good they do and pray for forgiveness of their sins.  Father, you know what is in my heart, what I can't seem to find the words to say, I pray You hear them and I pray You will answer my prayers for my sons.  In Jesus name I humbly pray, Amen.

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