Plastic bag dispenser. Recycle a plastic two or three liter bottle and plastic bags.

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Those plastic bags from the grocery store are like rabbits. You bring home a couple and before you know it hundreds of them are around. Some areas will let you recycle them. I know of a mega store that has a bin for recycling. I did ask once about the recycling bin and the greeter said they just throw them away. Hmmm

So I had a couple of empty three liter bottles after a picnic wrapped by a plastic bag, trapping bees. After a few funny moments of bee-ing chased& I thought the 3 liter bottles would make a good storage dispenser for the plastic bags.

The basics are: one (clean) three liter bottle, a hobby knife, a stove, pan and bags. Cut a star pattern following the contours on the bottom of the three liter bottle. Cut a small hole around the top of the bottle, use the dry pan to melt and curl the cut ends inward and then stuff with bags. The whole process is less than 10 minutes for the basic construction and installation.

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