Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament


Crochet a beautiful white wreath accented with red beads and ribbon for a Christmas ornament. Make several crochet wreaths to accent your Christmas tree or give as gifts this holiday season. This pattern comes to us from Ashton11.

Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament

  • Knitting worsted yarn, (or 100% cotton worsted, or satiny yarn of any type)
  • Crochet Hook, size 6MM, (USJ 10)
  • Assorted beads
  • White chenille stem (pipecleaner)
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick, or white glue


  1. Shape a chenille stem into any size oval. Use the entire chenille stem to make a large oval, or even link two together to make a large window hanging.
  2. Attach the yarn onto the chenille stem any way you wish. You can knot it on, or slip stitch it on.
  3. Cover the entire shape with the following sequence, pushing the stitches together to fit on as many as needed: Make 3 single crochet around the stem. Treating the stem as you would a previous row of stitches.  Chain 3, make 3 single crochet. Repeat all around the shape. Slip stitch to join.
  4.  Tie on red velvet ribbon into a loop to form a hanger. Sparingly spot glue onto the top of the oval with hot glue.
  5.  Make a bow with as many loops as you would like, or make several bows, and attach them sparingly with hot glue.
  6.  Either sew, or attach with tiny dots of hot glue, (applied directly to the bead, not the yarn).

    Voila! A lovely Christmas Ornament, useful for the tree, in a window, on a gift, or in a Christmas Card!

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