These Three Things

Three Books I've Read Lately:
1. The Bible 
2. crochet patterns
3. Recipes (LOL)
Three Shows I Must Watch:
1. News
2.The Price Is Right
3. Wheel of Fortune
Three Movies I'll Watch Over and Over Again: 
1. The Notebook
2. Love Waits
3. I can't think of the name of the other one
Three Things I Eat/Drink Every Day:
1. Sweet Tea
3.about it LOL
Three Least Favorite Chores:
1. folding bottom sheets :P
2. cleaning bathroom
3. sweeping
Three Things I would take if I was stuck on a deserted island:
2. Yarn & Hooks 
3. unlimited supply of food
Three Things I'm Proud of Right Now:
1. My walk with the Lord. I am learning so much and it's changing me every day. I want to share it with everyone I know!
2. My Family.
3. Knowing my sins are forgiven and I am saved
Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Getting back in church
2. Christmas
3. Snow would be nice
Three Things That Really Annoy Me:
1. Crazy/unsafe drivers
2. Kids that are impolite
3.Running out of gas(LOL)
Three Things That Make Me Very Happy:
1. Church family
2.My husband, kids, and grandkids
                                                      3. Harlie

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