Lavendar and Rosemary Soap

Lavender and Rosemary Soap
Lavender is known to soothe irritated skin; rosemary is said to revitalize the nervous system and ease stiff joints. This beginner's recipe for lavender and rosemary soap combines the healing effects of both. Use a square muffin tin as a mold or invest in enchanting soap molds (flowers, animals, etc., available at craft stores). And don't forget to make extra as gifts

3 cups clear or white glycerin soap base* 
¼ cup infusion of lavender flowers and rosemary leaves 
1½ teaspoons of lavender oil 
1½ teaspoons of rosemary oil 
2 cups distilled water 
soap molds (muffin tins, special soap mold, etc.) 

  1. Pulverize dried rosemary in a food processor, or buy readymade.
  2. Make the infusion of lavender flower and rosemary leaves first. (Infusion basically means "to make tea.") Boil distilled water (non-chlorinated water is best) and pour hot waterover fresh or dried herbs. Three tablespoons of herb per cup of water for ten minutes should suffice.
  3. Add the lavender oil and rosemary oil to the infusion.
  4. Melt soap base and add ¼ cup of infusion per 1 cup of soap base. Stir until blended, then pour into molds.
  5. Let sit for a month so that mold is completely set.
Craft Tip: To achieve soap that is lavender colored, use "white" glycerin soap, rather than "clear." Then, before pouring into the mold, tint with "soap dyes" made especially for soap making, combining red and blue until desired lavender tint is achieved.

Tip: experiment with this “recipe.” Sometimes you can add the oil and leaves at the same time to the water (in Step 2) before boiling. This would dilute the scent a bit. You can even try it without the oil for an even milder effect. some prefer the milder scent.

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