Lavendar Sachets

Lavendar Sachets
Medieval and Renaissance laundry women were known as "lavenders" because they tucked sachets of lavender flowers in between their stored linens to freshen. Make your own by using antique handkerchiefs or colored netting tied with satin ribbon. Then place in closets, bureaus, even stored luggage; or tuck under a pillow to inspire sleep. If a sachet loses its scent, toss in a jar, add some lavender essential oil, and let sit for about one week

Materials (per sachet):
two pieces of silk organza: 7"x18" (large) or 5"x13" (small)
bag of dried lavendar
silk ribbon in 24" lengths
matching thread
sewing machine

  1. Cut two pieces of silk organza into 7"x18" lengths for each sachet. Use two shades of organza, either white and another shade, or two complementary shades.
  2. Fold both pieces of material in half, keeping the white organza on the inside. Stitch down both outside edges to form a bag.
  3. Reverse the bag so that colored material is now on the inside. Fold the top edge over twice and stitch that down, creating a color band.
  4. Fill the sachet with lavendar three quarters full. Cut a 24" length of silk ribbon to match color lining of large bag; 18" for small bag. Tie a small bow.

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