T-Shirt Dress Tutorial and Pattern


The Lemonade Dress

Doesn't it remind you of sunny days and iced lemonade?
Me too!

1. Start with a shirt or tank that fits you well (it won't work as well with a baggy shirt), and some fabric. I like using vintage sheets for mine because then it's already hemmed! Anything to avoid hemming..... :o) You'll need enough fabric for 1.5 x your hip measurement, cut to about 20" in length.
2. Sew the two 20" sides of fabric together, with right sides facing each other.

3. Sew a straight stitch on the longest length, all the way around the top of your skirt piece, and pull one of the threads to gather until the same size as your shirt hem.
4. Pin and sew to the inside of the bottom of your shirt, using a zig-zag stitch. Try to match up your stitches with the shirt's existing hem, and avoid letting your shirt fabric stretch.
5. If you'd like to make a sash (useful for cuteness, and hiding any rumpled seams for the beginner sewer!) Cut a 8" length of fabric that is your hip measurement + 50 inches. You will probably have to piece two together to get the length, which is fine!
6. With right sides together, fold the sash in half length-wise and sew three of the four sides, leaving one end open.
7. Turn the sash right-side-out, fold the edges of the open end under, and stitch closed.
Wrap it around yourself, and tie in a bow!
It's plenty cute without the sash, too!

Or with a bow!
It's kind of like wearing a skirt and shirt, but without worrying about gapping in the back when you bend over, or the dreaded "waistband pooch".

Oh, and by the way! Just because you're not a girly-girl, doesn't mean you can't try it! I think it would be awesome on your favorite tee, with a striped knit on the bottom! And so comfy, too! Maybe these could be "Diet Coke" dresses ;o)

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