Hey everyone! I really appreciate all the new followers I've gotten the past few weeks. Thank you all for following my blog. :) I'll try to make it interesting and fun.

I have been in the hospital, I got out Tuesday afternoon. I went in on Sunday. The docs thought I was having a heart attack but that turned out negative, then a blood test came back that I had a blood clot. Thank God that I didn't have either one. The docs said it was exhaustion, stress, anxiety and a terrible case of acid reflux. I do have an appointment with a cardiologist on Sept. 29th @ 8a.m. I'm suppose to have a complete cardiac work-up. Please say a prayer for me. I also have an appointment with a gastrointestinal doc on Nov. 22nd. I asked for an earlier appointment since I'd been in the hospital with it for 3 days or if someone canceled to call me and give me that appointment. Please pray that they will call me soon. Also, I go Tuesday, Sept. 20, for an injection in my neck for the osteoarthritis. Please pray for me then too.

I had to take Jerry to the ER this afternoon. He was bleeding from one of the fistulas and hurting very bad. They gave him a GI cocktail a shot and sent him home. He is sleeping now. Please say a prayer for him and his health. I just thank you all for your prayers.

I had better get off, I've got some more posting to do. Everyone please take care, stay safe and cool/warm. Be blessed!

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