Scarecrow and Pumpkin Candle Holders

A scarecrow and a pumkin candle holder sitting on a sink.

This is NOT my picture!

Recycle jars into scarecrow candle holders.

Approximate Time: less than 1 hour, excluding drying time


  • jars with lids - assorted and clean

  • spray paint

  • paint or permanent markers for face

  • scraps of fabric

  • artificial flowers

  • straw hat (hole in top)

  • raffia, yarn, or paper for hair

  • glue


    1. Spray paint a clean jar and the lid with a flesh colored paint (or orange for pumpkin) and allow to dry.

    1. Glue the lid on to the top of the jar, upside down. This will hold your votive candle.

    1. Draw or paint a face on the jar and allow to dry. Triangles work for eyes and a squiggly line is perfect for the mouth.

    1. Spray with clear spray paint to prevent chipping when you store this for the season.

    1. Glue hair to the jar just below the lid. Use a rubber band to hold in place and allow to dry.

    1. Decorate the straw hat using artificial flowers, ribbon, or a tiny crow.

    1. Affix the hat to your jar, hiding the hair line.

  1. Add a scented candle.

Be Careful! This is very flammable, so do not leave candle unattended. Or you can use a battery operated candle.

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