Wooden Country Snowman

Snowman made with a 2x4.

You can create a cute country snowman by using a 2x4.

Approximate Time: 25 minutes


  • scrap wood, including a 2x4

  • black, white, and orange crafter's acrylic paints

  • sandpaper

  • hot glue gun

  • table saw

  • small piece of fabric

  • small piece of floral berry sprig

  • paintbrush


    1. First cut a section of 2x4 about 12 inches long.

    1. Then on one end cut the corners to create an edge for the hat, they do not have to be perfect corners.

    1. Sand all edges of your 2x4.

    1. You will need 2 small pieces of wood about 2 inches thick, these can be scraps from other projects.

    1. Cut one piece about 6 inches long, this will become the snowman's hat brim.

    1. The second piece will be his nose, cut this piece approx. 4 inches long with one corner cut slightly to create the carrot tip.

    1. Sand all edges.

    1. Now you are ready to begin painting.

    1. Once the pieces have dried, you can lightly sand the paint to create a distressed country look.

    1. Next paint on the eyes, mouth, and add a little color for his cheeks.

    1. Attach the hat brim and nose by using a hot glue gun.

    1. Add a little white paint to the nose and hat brim for snow.

  1. Attach some berries and a homespun bow.

A quick and easy project!

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